Square Blotches

Panic at the Destiny Disco

This week has been a fantastic week my gaming experiance. What, with the release of Shadowkeep, and the expected issues on day one, and the release of a new song pack for beat saber, all is looking up.  

I've found that Destiny 2 has continue to deliver a better in-game story experiance than we saw in the first game, and the first year. The new armour system is a fantastic blast to the past. The old stats are back, and so now things make some sort of sense again. 

I have found myself having a lot of fun in the Crucible, something that I thought I would not ever do. I still have a bunch of old quests to clear out, but am Glad to have played this version of the game. Just need to get back onto the grind now. 

Beat saber has seen four new levels. All of which are good. However, it is disappointing that a few more tracks could not have been included in this release. I'm sure there are a number of good reasons for that. The maps themselves all feel good. 

The Beat Saber Video is below, and (I think) is worth a view.